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Therapy Services

Licensed, credentialed, and caring professionals to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment leading you to success.

Baby Boy

Infant Therapy

Struggling to get through feedings, developmental delays,  torticollis, or hip dysplasia are common baby therapy needs. Whether your baby was born premature or full term, our team of OT's, PT's, SLP's, Lactation Counselors, and Sleep Consultants have exactly what you need.

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Occupational Therapy

Our OTs can help with a variety of crucial skills your child needs to live a balanced and successful life. We can target self-care like dressing and toileting, behavior disruptions, handwriting, socio-emotional awareness, whole body regulation, visual perpcetion, or sensory processing. 


Eating Pasta

Feeding Therapy

Sick of making the same meals over and over again for your picky eater? Struggling with chewing or swallowing? Trying to wean tube feeds?

Work with our SLP or OT who have extensive feeding experience to lead your child to a nutritious life. 

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Physical Therapy

Our PTs are dedicated to helping children  reach their full potential by assuring motor development and skills are appropriate. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including strength and balance training, coordination exercises, and support for daily activities such as walking up stairs, riding bikes, and more more! 

Newborn Baby

Breast or Bottle Therapy

 With an experienced and licensed team of lactation team, personalized care will be provided so together, we can find the best possible feeding solution for you and your baby.  Whether you combo feed between bottle and breast or chose one as your preferred method our therapy helps reduce signs of reflux, assure sucking is age-appropriate, position baby the right away, and mostly give you confidence to feed your baby to success.  

Kids Stacking Blocks

DIR Floortime

Floortime (also known as DIRFloortime®) is an approach used to promote an individual's development through a respectful, playful, joyful, and engaging process. It uses the power of relationships and human connection to encourage the development of the capacities for self-regulation, engagement, communication, shared social problem solving, and creative, organized, and reflective thinking and reasoning. In DIR we follow the child's lead while challenging them at the same time. Floortime fosters positive parent-child interactions and serves as a tool to educate the family in how to support a child's overall development through meaningful activities.

Talking in Headset
Image by Ben Mullins
Speech Therapy

Voice Therapy

Psycho-Educational Evaluations

Speech- Language


Our experienced therapists  provide top evidence-based techniques to provide you with the skills needed to have the voice  best for you. Speciality services include gender affirmation and muscle tension dysphonia.

Image by Izzy Park

With our certified school psychologist, we  offer  families  comprehensive behavioral and psycho-educational evaluations. Through this, you can receive diagnosis such as Autism, identify child achievements or giftedness, and much more. 


A variety of techniques can be inplemented for children and adults  with our SLPs! We servce a wide range of difficulties including speech sound production, fluent speech, understanding and processing, social skills,  and cognitive linguaistic skills. With evidence based care, we will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to help you reach your communication goals.


Oral Myofunctional Therapy

Misericordia University 

OMT is a specialized therapeutic service that focuses on the proper functioning of the oral and facial muscles can be needed from children to adults. Whether we are helping with a tongue/lip tie, correct tongue thrust, decrease chronic jaw pain or asist in proper use of airway, our trained professionals will assess your individual needs and provide personalized treatment plans to help you reach your goals.

Well- Nurtured Development is proud to NOW offer services at Misercordia University in their NEW state of the art pediatric facility.


We will be offering Occupational Therapy services and DIRFloorTime Play Therapy Services as a collaborative effort to continue our joint mission to support higher education, provide student mentorship and enhace the clinical experience for MU OT students. In addition, we are providing families with yet another location to seek out family-centered care services for their children.

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