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Maternal Services

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you leap into parenthood with judgment-free care, support, and guidance during this special time.

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TTC Nutrition

Baby Preparation Class

Book our 1:1 prenatal class,

Be Well Beginnings, where you will meet with 4 different licensed professionals that specialize in first aid basics, nutrition, feeding, massage and touch, bonding, and sleep for you and your new addition. This class will leave you comfortable and confident. 

Our nutrition services for families trying to conceive help optimize fertility and ensure a healthy pregnancy.


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Perinatal Nutrition

Morning sickness, food sensitivities, and cravings can all be difficult to manage. Work with our registered dietician to feel your best throughout your pregnancy.


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Baby breastfeeding at mom's left breast


Prenatal Lactation

 Meet with our lactation team before baby arrives to  debunk the myths about breastfeeding, plan for pump purchase, and   learn the best ways to have the journey you want. 


Whether you are pumping or feeding your baby at breast, our skilled team including  a crew of certified lactation counselors (CLC) & an international board certified lactation consultant     (IBCLC)  can help you have a pain free, successful, and wholesome feeding journey.       

Infant breastfeeding at moms breast

Lactation Nutrition

Sustain your breastfeeding journey by assuring both hydration and nutrition is top notch. Our registered dietician can provide specialized treatment on how to properly nourish your body while providing the best possible nutrition to your baby.

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Motherhood Mentor

Through our mentoring, we provide perinatal and post natal education to help new mothers navigate their journey of pregnancy into motherhood. This allows a smooth adjustment to this new stage of life. It takes a village, let us be apart of yours.

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