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Professional Training

From whole department training to one on one mentoring, you can receive the guidance you need in order to lead others to successful lives.

Play School

Learning Center 

Early detection of deficits is crucial. Learning centers frequently work with Be Well NEPA to provide onsite screenings, staff education, and parental coaching. With our professional support, your staff can enhance their influence in their students lives, make meaningful change for best outcomes in the classrooms, and support parents with confidence.


School District

Prepare newly hired educators or currently employed staff with developmental friendly and trauma informed care based education. Allow your staff to boost their confidence in identifying red flags, navigating tough conversations with parents, and most importantly providing stress free support to the children in need. Contracts for comprehensive  evaluations and treatment  are also available. 

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The neonatal intensive care unit is one of the most complex places to work. Extensive training should be provided to those working in this environment as you can directly influence the outcomes of an infant with how you touch, care, feed, and guide the parents to comfortability and confidence. Book our NICU Staff training that uses a hybrid approach of virtual foundational training following up with in person hands-on training to influence day to day happenings of your NICU for best outcomes of those in it. 

Casual Meeting

1:1 Mentoring


Student Observations

Professional Presentation

Guest Lectures

Whether you want to branch into a new speciality or it feels like you are on an island navigating the allied health profession world. owners Mary or Chelsea are available for 1:1 mentoring.

We want nothing more than to to influence the future of speech, occupational, and phsyical therapy.  If you need observation hours or have curiosity about our clinic, please know you are welcome.

Our team is  available for a higher education guest lectures. We are able to provide a wide array of topics including but not limited to speech therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, or trauma informed care.


Current Collaborations

We are fortunate to provide professional education or direct clinical care for the following entities.

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