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How We Got Started

When Mary Vanesko and Chelsea Zimmerman met in 2020, they knew their passion to help others discover a better sense of well-being needed to reach far and wide. Working side by side for the last few years, they now have joined forces to bring you quality wellness, professional, coaching, and allied health services. The mantras, values, and goals that have brought Mary and Chelsea together are now breathing life into the NEPA community and beyond.

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Mary Vanesko

Mary Vanesko is a native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where she now resides. Mary is a graduate of Bloomsburg University, where she received her Bachelors's in Psychology and continued her collegiate studies at Temple University where she obtained her Masters's degree in Occupational Therapy. Mary is licensed and certified in OT as well as a certified infant massage therapist. She has a passion for wellness and later obtained a certification as a Yoga instructor through Core Power Yoga and is working towards certifications in other areas of yoga therapy.

  Her leadership skills go beyond the therapy world as she provides mentorship and guidance for both personal and professional development.

Chelsea Zimmerman

Chelsea Zimmerman was born in Pottsville, raised in Reading, and has spent many years living in NEPA. She is a graduate of Marywood University's  accelerated Master's program in speech-language pathology and holds a Master's of science degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in health profession teaching and technology. Beyond being a licensed speech-language pathologist, she is also a certified lactation counselor and certified neonatal touch and massage professional.


Her passion for a holistic life and whole-body wellness starts with prenatal support and flows through her passion to help adults speak, swallow, and produce their best voice possible. 

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Our Mission

Whole Human Care and Compassion

Be Well NEPA is dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals and their families through whole human care ( mind, body, and soul) and compassion across the lifespan, regardless of diagnosis. Our team is committed to providing highly professional and effective therapeutic services while fostering a safe and nurturing environment.

Connection and Inclustivity

Be Well NEPA values connecting with the community, our patients, and other professionals on a deep and supporting level. Connection for us, goes beyond a one-on-one conversation or beyond initial interactions. We prioritize continuity of care and follow-up with our families to ensure ongoing support and progress. By staying connected and engaged, we can provide long-term guidance, monitor development, and adjust their services as needed.

We are an inclusive company, providing care to differences of all types. We ensure that our services are accessible, equitable, and respectful to individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.


We create an inclusive environment that fosters a sense of belonging for all our clients and employees.

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Our Values


"Megan and Mary were truly heroes to me and my son.. I filled out the intake forms and was almost immediately contacted and set up with Megan. We got in super quick and within 5 minutes, my poor 5 month old was diagnosed with a tongue and lip tie which had been the cause of his poor feeding all along. All the doctors he'd seen had missed it.- our boy is finally enjoying his feedings and doing so well !!! I truly cannot thank this amazing team enough for the work they do and for caring so deeply about each mama and baby they work with. I'll definitely be back with baby number 2!


"Chelsea and Megan are absolutely amazing! This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me after our two week check up regarding my newborns weight. Chelsea has been truly amazing with answering every question I possibly had, where Megan has helped me out significantly when it came to latching my newborn without the nipple shield. She made me feel very comfortable with positioning my newborn and providing me with the proper techniques on where to place him and what to do in order to get him to latch successfully! I can’t thank these girls enough all their help and support!"


 "All of our fears were put to rest after just one session with Mary. She was able to explain what Jacob was feeling and how his muscle tightness contributed to his head becoming flat. She walked us through a series of stretches that we should do daily. And best of all, she gave us invaluable guidance on how to build Jacob’s tummy time tolerance. Now after 2 months of following the program Jacob’s head flatness is nearly resolved (yay, no helmet!) and he can do 6 consecutive minutes of tummy time without any props."

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