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Parent Coaching

Parenting is far from easy.  We connect you with the experts to help you navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence, not chaos. 

Asking for Pacifier

Product Selection

Some products are superior to others when it comes to your child's overall wellbeing and development. Selecting products such as bottles, pacifiers, seating, or toys can be made easy with our support.


Baby Eating Food

Starting Solids

Have you been blindly advised to start with rice cereal, are you struggling to feel confident with introducing real food, or are you completely overwhelmed with how to exposure allergens to your baby? We got you! Our feeding therapists make the best starting solid coaches!

Image by Paul Hanaoka

Tummy Time 

Our behavior modification coaching is designed to provide exhausted parents with the tools needed to effectively manage meltdowns,  We provide solutions that will create a more peaceful home and enable your child to reach their full potential.

Image by yang miao

Behavior Modification

Tummy Time is a crucial part of early childhood development. With our Tummy Time coaching, we  help make it a fun, easy, and most importantly tear free activity.  Accomplishing great Tummy Time routine sets your child up for success.

Allergen Reduction


From infancy to adolescents, our sleep coach can empower you to finally achieve the restorative sleep needed to grow and thrive. With personalized strategies for each individual, tailored to their age and stage of development, we can help you establish healthy sleep habits for life.

Getting Dressed

Everyday Activties

Do you need a way to make everyday activities such as getting dressed, potty training, and establishing a personal hygiene routine easier for your child? We understand that these tasks can be challenging and are here to provide the necessary guidance to help your child succeed.

Image by Sean Foster

Habit Cessation

Thumbsucking or prolonged pacifier use can be determental to your child's oral facial development, speech, or eating. With our coaching, we give a clear path to stopping these habbits saving you time and money in the long run. 


Image by Natasha Ivanchikhina

Family Interaction

We provide a space to explore and build meaningful relationships within the family. Through this coaching, families can learn to better understand and communicate with each other, allowing for family bonding and strengthening the family connection. We also offer DIRFloortime® driven family coaching.

Image by Kiana Bosman

Tongue or Lip Tie

You found a parent support group for Tongue and Lip tie but now you are SUPER overwhelmed. Procedures, therapy, stretches, wound care and more making your head spin? Talk it through with us. We will help you to best understand what is going on, what the best plan of care should be, and find you a local provider. 

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