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Be Well NEPA 

Nurturing you through each stage of life
Be Well NEPA Wellness for NEPA Logo

Be Well NEPA 

Nurturing you through each stage of life
Be Well NEPA Wellness for NEPA Logo

Be Well NEPA has the tools that families in NEPA and beyond need to thrive. From classes for new moms, maternal nutrition, breastfeeding help, sleep coaching, traditional therapy, professional training, and whole-body wellness, we support you through all stages of life.


Son kissing mom's pregnany belly
Mother and Daughter joining for virtual parent coaching session
Child in occupational therapy painting
Mom in yoga class with infant
Professional training session

Maternal Support

Receive the care you deserve in all stages of motherhood. We support you on how to eat while trying  to conceive, preparing for your babies arrival, and  feeding your baby just how you want to.


Parent Coaching

Get personalized support to  navigate the most difficult aspects of parenting, including potty training, starting solids, or dealing with behaviors. Gain confidence in your parenting and create positive and lasting change for your family

Therapy Services

Start 1:1 oral myofunctional, speech, feeding, occupational,  or physical therapy.

Choose from a comprehensive range of evaluation services, including developmental evaluations including Autism or psychoeducational assessments.

Wellness Works

Assure your mind and body is getting what it needs. Whether that is manual bodywork, Reiki, 1:1 or group yoga, our trained professionals can guide you and your littles to serenity. 

Corporate and private wellness events available too.


Professional Training

Assure your team members are up to speed on the latest research and practice to support the children in your learning center, school, or own practice.


We provide comprehensive training for teachers, support staff, therapists, and much more!


Two Companies, One Mission 

Be Well NEPA is an influential alliance between two companies that serve the community with the same mission: to create a nurtured and nourished environment for those needing support throughout different chapters of their lives. 

Through Be Well NEPA, Lingua Speech, Swallow, and Voice Services and Well-Nurtured Development come together to promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Our two teams of highly trained, credentialed, and experienced professionals are dedicated to providing quality care to help families lead more fulfilled lives.

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